Friday, 14 February 2020

Brody's site

Every sencond thursday we go to Tecnology with 2 other schools. This week we had a tour around the school. We made designs of amplifiers for our phones. Then we went into digital tecnologies and paled games before we started designing our own. I broke the game flappy bird because I added to many codes and won too many points.


  1. Hi Brody it's Deakyn here your best buddy. I'm here on your blog to comment on your post. It seems your classes are fun. My favourite in your post was when you said that you broke the flappy bird game and coded it. My favourite part about tech yesterday was science. I'm not in the same class you are in but it still must be fun over at your side.
    Kind Regards

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  3. Hi Brody, It me Miro. I like how you told us that you wen to tech. I go there as well and turns out my brother also did that sound amplifier thing. Maybe you could tell us what codes you used to break flappy bird.


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